Timeline Differences


The point of divergence is this Confederate victory during the American Civil War. From this point the timeline diverged to create a much different 1900 world. This is a general overview of some of the differences.

1) With its defeat in the American Civil War, the United States suffered internal political and economic difficulties which led to an inability to hold on to its far western territories ultimately resulting in their independence. The United States entered into a period of conflict, recession, and malaise.

2) These difficulties made the United States much less of an appealing destination for European immigrants.

3) These changes made the colonial scramble for Africa occur much sooner than in the real timeline and resulted in a much higher number of European colonists in Africa.

4) These heavier populated African colonies were better able to exert their dominance over native Africans and establish much more viable colonies. Many of these immigrants were of the type that immigrated to the US in the real timeline, often seeking to flee oppression, and did not have the same level of loyalty to the mother country.

5) The higher population, along with war in Europe, and the distances involved led to these colonies to begin exerting their own independence much sooner. Some African colonies of different nationalities in Africa cooperated with one another during the distraction of the European wars to essentially free Africa from direct colonial control.

6) At game start, the war-weary and weakened European nations find themselves stripped of colonial possessions. Whether or not these European nations choose to reconquer colonial territories, accommodate them, overthrow them, or ally with them is entirely up to the players of the nations involved. However, players should remember that the timeline is quite different, and weakened colonial powers will have no cakewalk against former-colonies that are stronger than in real life. Proceed cautiously. Thinking that, like the real timeline, Britain can just walk over a rebellious colony might get Britain defeated by a host of allied former colonies with support from some other enemies. Will Africa end up as a white majority empire? A host of small white minority ruled nations? Black majority ruled nations? European colonies? Who knows.

What Does It Mean

It means that nations such as the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and all the traditional powers are much weakened by war and internal struggles. They have had a tough time. It means that the "third world" nations are much strengthened. It means that the world is at a balancing point as the new century begins where the old empires can recover, new empires never seen before can be formed.

At Start

1) There are no international or regional organizations, if players want those they will form them
2) Rebel and opposition groups exist as they did in 1900 where applicable but they are less active initially. Players may start their own or send funds to these groups. Players would need to research existing groups or research existing potential for such groups.

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