Southwest Africa

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Southwest Africa (German: Südwestafrika) is a nation in Africa with its capital at Windhoek.


Southwest Africa is a former colony of Germany. Germany carved out the colony in a brutal and suppressive manner, ruling over the native populations through fear. The German army in South West Africa experienced a host of insurrections in the back country which it found difficult to put down. Despite this, German immigration continued to rise and a firm German foothold was established.

During the war, Germany was forced to withdraw units from the colony and was unable to adequately supply it. German citizens, with the help of colonial officials, were forced to take up arms on their own and began to deal with foreign powers for arms and equipment. At the height of the war, Germany began demanding troops and arms from the colony for the fight in Europe which infuriated Southwest Africans and resulted in demonstrations against the mother country and outright refusal to supply arms. The small German military contingent in Windhoek was ordered to remove the colonial bureaucracy and take direct control. However, on hearing the news, white citizens rallied in Windhoek in large numbers behind the colonial government forcing German troops to give way. Days later, with the backing of South Africa, Southwest Africa declared its independence from Germany.



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Southwest Africa might be a challenge. Native Africans in Southwest Africa do not have good relations with the Germans, or good memories of German colonization. The government has experienced several native insurrenctions in different parts of the country.

Southwest Africa
Type of Government - Ruling Council
Capital - Windhoek
Head of State - Governor Heinrich Ernst Göring
Religion - Protestant
Language - German
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