Rhodesia is a land-locked nation in Africa.


Rhodesia is a former colony of the United Kingdom. Rhodesia gained its independence after the success of the Boer Rebellion in South Africa. Since Rhodesia was a land-locked colony communications with the mother country were difficult after the Boer rebellion and the colony stood in danger of being cut-off since it was surrounded by colonies of foreign powers. The colonists believed that they would have more flexibility establishing an independent nation able to exert its own regional diplomacy. The British government and Rhodesia reached an agreement and independence was granted. Rhodesia was one of the few African colonies that achieved independence through agreement with the mother country. Relations between the United Kingdom and Rhodesia remain close though Rhodesia has reached agreement with others in the region, such as Mozambique, on its own.



+ Player Notes
Rhodesia is a land-locked former British colony in a dangerous neighborhood of former colonies of other powers. At game start Rhodesia has fair relations with its neighbors for access to the wider world. Rhodesia is a bit of a breadbasket for the area which gives it some leverage but also makes it a promising target. Rhodesia has a good relationship with the United Kingdom which is good for Rhodesia, but perhaps does not make its neighbors entirely happy.

Type of Government - Governing Council
Capital - Salisbury
Head of State - Administrator Leander Starr Jameson
Religion - Protestant
Language - English
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