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Research is the effort to obtain a capability which you do not have. Economic advancement projects on the other hand are implementations of research findings. All nations start out with the knowledge available in 1900. Research requirements apply to both military and economic abilities.

Not all Economic Advancements require prior research. For example, there is no need to research "Highway Building" because everybody knows how to build some sort of highway. However, researching "super-asphalt" might reduce maintenance costs on your highway system. There would be no need to research.

Research Centers

Research is conducted at Research Centers. A research center will be dedicated to one permanent research area (military category, medicine, etc.) at build time and can conduct one research project in that area at a time. Research Centers must have a physical location and are subject to natural disaster and the effects of war. Research Centers can be increased in level.


Research projects take time and money to complete. Initial time and build estimates may be adjusted due to cost overruns, project failures, random events, and the effect of natural disaster and war.

The initial goals of a research project may not always be met at project completion due to unrealistic goals, project failure, insufficient investment, or random events.

Research Results

The output of a military research project is a new military design (for example a Wisconsin Class Battleship design or a P-51 Mustang design) or a new military add-on (for example a K-51 Bullet Resistant Vest, or X-22 Automatic Rifle).

The output of an economic research project can be a new economic capability (for example, satellite construction) or a new economic patent (for example, super-asphalt, refrigeration, a computer design). Economic patents can be private, or they can be announced and possibly add to GNP.

Military Research - Designs and Patents

The level of the military research facility is the maximum sum of attributes on any design it produces. For instance, a Level 20 center can only produce units with a total attribute value of 20.

You can spread these around any way you want on a military design. If you have 20 attribute points because you have a level 20 research center, then you could have attack-5 defense-5 or attack-4 defense-6 or whatever. Try to keep in mind what you are designing, if you have a tank it would not make a lot of sense to have attack-1 and defense-9 or movement 0. You can do it, but you will probably get slammed in the combat results.

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