Military Facilities

In addition to research and economic advancements, nations can build facilities. A wide variety of facilities are possible. The general rule is that a facility cannot produce anything with an attribute higher than its level. For instance, if you want to construct a tank with a speed of 5, your tank factory must be at least level 5.

Military Bases

Military bases provide support for you military forces. These are especially important for long distance deployments or occupations. Military bases can be LAND, AIR, SEA, or COMBINED. COMBINED bases will serve all three categories, but less effectively than a dedicated base.

Military forces deployed overseas are less effective without base facilities in reach.

For foreign basing you must have a BASING AGREEMENT or higher with the host nation and maintain an embassy there.

Foreign nations will generally only allow foreign basing if they are under threat, are very close allies, or are sufficiently bribed. Foreign basing can have a negative impact on local sentiment toward your nation.

Permission to build a base in a foreign nation often comes with demands for payment or other favor.

Military Factories

Training Facilities

Military Research Facilities

Permanent Fortifications

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