Intelligence Rules Overview

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The concept is simple. You build an Intelligence Center of a certain level. You have two types of actions. SPY operations, and SIO (special intelligence operations). The number of SPY operations and the number of SIO teams are based on the level of your nation's Intelligence Center.

Spy Operations

SPY operations are limited to certain specific categories so that they are simple to process. These operations are where you find out how many enemy troops are in a region, how much money your enemy has, etc. These are normal intelligence gathering spies. They are not teams and they do not have histories or require maintenance. They are essentially just actions. The information that a SPY operation can obtain is essentially any of the information in the database…building levels, troop strength, location, or stance, presence of other spies, economic advancement information, ongoing research, relations between two countries, basically any of these. These teams can also be used for COUNTER-INTEL in a limited way. They work better in this category if paired with SIO COUNTER-INTEL operations.

Special Intelligence Operations

SIO operations are more free-form and you have less of them. These are your "James Bond" type teams. They are for assassinations, helping insurgencies, sabotaging enemy assets, and whatever else you think of. These teams can also be used for COUNTER-INTEL purposes. The way this works is that it reduces the percentage chance of enemy operations being successful in the specified area. Note that this effect applies to all enemy operations in the area targeted for COUNTER-INTEL no matter the number or nationality. If three different nations try to assassinate you and you have one SIO tasked with COUNTER-INTEL where you are…then all of those three assassination attempts are reduced. This effect is also cumulative. If you have three SIO teams tasked with COUNTER-INTEL in that region, then the percentages of the opponents are reduced X 3.

SIO operation teams have histories, gain experience levels, and have an individual identity. You can increase SIO team levels through orders, and they will also gain levels through successful operations.

Note that your Intelligence Centers may be sabotaged by enemies or damaged in way, thus reducing their level.


Your SPY and SIO operations will be enhanced by the level of your embassy in the target country depending on the embassies level.

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