Intelligence Rules

Spy Operations

Spy Operations consist of efforts to obtain various military, economic, or political information from foreign nations. These operations are conducted out of an Intelligence Center. Each nation can have one Intelligence Center. Cost for level 1 Intelligence Center is base cost and doubles for each level thereafter. Format for building an Intelligence Center or increasing its level is:

BUILD INTEL <region #>

One Spy Operation can be conducted per turn per level of Intelligence Center. Spy operations consist of electronic intercepts and human sources. Format for conducting a Spy Operation is:

SPY [target region #]/[operation type]/[nation]

Types of Strategic Intelligence Operation are:

  • Military
  • Economic
  • Raise Influence
  • Lower Influence

Special Intelligence Operations

Each nation with an Intelligence Center can conduct Special Intelligence Operations. One SIO per turn per level of Intelligence Center is allowed. Such operations can include assassination of political figures, placing of explosives, theft, or other free-form activities. Due to their free-form nature, the GM will determine outcomes based on a combination of subjective judgment and dice-rolls.

SIO [target region #] [free form instructions]

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