How does this game differ from the old Coldwars game?
This game starts without any existing superpowers. Most player nations are fairly close to one another in power. Some nations have been merged to make a more playable nation and some nations have been broken up to decrease their natural advantages. For those in Coldwars you know that Jim created very detailed and awesome News Flashes. I admit I do not have that level of talent in regard to News Flash creation so don't expect a Jim-like result there. Maybe somebody can help me with that. Since we have database storage, many of the orders that were turn-based in Coldwars are ad-hoc in Timelines.

What is the intent?
A game world that starts out with some equality and develops however it develops with a history of its own.

Won't inequalities develop? Will the GM's try to maintain that equilibrium?
Yes, inequalities will develop as good stable players develop their nations and poor players or nations that have no stability fall by the wayside. There are no sacred cows for the GM's, if a popular player's nation is invaded and conquered, so be it. If the game world becomes unbalanced and one player wins through their play, so be it. If one nation develops nuclear weapons and blows up the rest of the world, so be it. The game will develop as the player's play it and nobody should feel safe. If you don't want another player developing nuclear weapons and blowing up the world….then you might ought to stop them somehow. The GM's will not.

I started late and my country is behind. Can I get raised up to match the starting players?
Only if you do it yourself. If you are joining late you will just need to overcome any differences.

There are a lot more NPC nations. Isn't that impossible to keep up with?
Relations between nations are stored in a MySQL database. This includes trade relations, political relations, and other information concerning every nation-pair on the globe. Theoretically, every player turn and all history can be stored in the MySQL database by data since it allows for extremely large fields. Players will have a set number of formulaic moves and a smaller number of free-form moves. Hopefully that will keep processing down yet still keep it interesting.

Will the GM be playing a player position?

Why break up the US, UK, and others? I want to play a superpower?
Then you will need to create one. I wanted the game start to be fairly equal so that all players had an equal chance based on ability and not on a nation size advantage.

The semi-equality of the nations is not realistic
The history has been changed to rationalize the equality. Giving reasons for reducing the power of great powers and enhancing the power of the smaller nations at game start. Even with the back history, one could say it is still not entirely realistic. Perhaps, but this is a game and its good to start a game at something approximating a neutral situation. Suspend your disbelief and go with it.

What about switching countries?
To be discouraged. When you choose a country, pick one you like and want to stick with through good times and BAD. Country-hopping will probably happen, but it is not encouraged. If you want to switch countries, just send a note with good reasons explaining your desire for a change.




Foreign Relations

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