Economic Facilities

Nations have some abstracted economic facilities. However, if you want to make sure your economy concentrates on specific areas you can construct specific facilities for that area.

There is no specific list of possible economic facilities. Economic facilities can range from Technology Centers to Sports Arenas.

Economic Research Centers

The research center will be dedicated to one permanent economic research area (consumer electronics, commercial aircraft, etc.) at build time. If will be able to conduct one research project in that area at a time. Research Centers must have a physical location and are subject to natural disaster and the effects of war. Research Centers can be increased in level. Research Centers will produce patents, designs, new techniques, or new materials.

Patents and designs may be useful for manufacturing new items, or may also be sold to others for profit.

Military Research Centers

The military research center will be dedicated to one category, LAND, SEA, or AIR. The military research center produces patents for new military equipment and add-ons. The military research center has levels. The level of the center is the maximum sum of attributes on any military unit design it generates. For instance, if you have a Level 20 military research center you can create a patent for a unit whose attributes add up to 20. No more.

Remember that unit attributes are only for comparative purposes and do not represent real values. A tank with a movement attribute of 20 does not equate to 20 kph or any other real world value, it is instead a value for comparing against an enemy unit to determine battle outcomes. These values have no upper limit.


In order to produce profitable items from designs or patents, you must have a factory. For instance, your nation might create a food cannery, or an auto factory. For military units you must have a factory of the type needed.

Factories have levels. The sum of attributes for a military unit produced by a factory cannot exceed the level of that factory. For instance, if you have a level 20 factory you can create a unit whose attributes sum up to 20.

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