Economic Advancement Chart

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This chart contains some examples of Economic Advancements that are possible. This chart contains examples is not an exhaustive list (in particular the rogue list). Additional player developed advancements are possible. Players may also develop specialized subcategories (ex. Commercial Radio System, Public Radio System, Encrypted Military Radio System). When submitting new advancements and research, the GM may change the advancement name to better fit into the overall format.

Some advancements could fit into more than one category (ex. Coast Guard could be Transportation or Law Enforcement). If the player does not specify, the GM will choose. Which category can have effects in the way the enhancement behaves….in the Coast Guard example a Coast Guard developed in the Law Enforcement category would have more capabilities at law enforcement tasks and less in regular transportation or disaster tasks.

Specific is better than broad. If you specify National Retirement Plan and do not tailor it to a specific segment (like National Railroad Workers Retirement Plan), then it will be a broad program that could be very costly.

Not all advancements have to be of a positive nature and can be classified as rogue programs. Most of these are not listed here since they are very dependent on the creativity of the rogue. Rogue programs are not limited to bad guys…even good guys can have a secret bad program as long as they do not get caught. Criminal enterprises of all sorts fall into this classification of advancements.

Traditional Advancements

Category Subcategory Advancement
Agriculture - Commercial Farm Equipment Industry
Communications Newspaper Commercial Newspaper
Communications Newspaper State-owned Newspaper
Communications Radio Commercial Radio Systems
Communications Radio Public Radio Systems
Communications Television Commercial Television Systems
Communications Television Public Television Systems
Education - National Education Programs
Education - Primary Education System
Education - Secondary Education System
Education - Universities
Education Specialized Doctor Education Programs
Education Specialized Nursing Education Programs
Education Specialized Teacher Training Programs
Education Specialized Engineering Education Programs
Education Specialized Vocational Technical Programs/Schools
Finance - Central Banks
Finance - Centralized Economic Planning Agencies
Finance - Stock Markets
Heavy Industry - Commerical Aircraft Building Industry
Heavy Industry - Commercial Auto Building Industry
Heavy Industry - Commercial Farm Equipment Industry
Heavy Industry - Commercial Truck Building Industry
Law Enforcement - Border Patrol Agencies
Law Enforcement - Coast Guard
Law Enforcement - Immigration Agencies
Law Enforcement - National Investigative Agencies
Law Enforcement - National Police
Medicine - Doctor Education Programs
Medicine - National Medical Care
Medicine - Nursing Education Programs
Politics - Centralized Economic Planning Agencies
Politics - Government Accounting and Auditing Agencies
Politics - National Education Programs
Politics - National Medical Care
Politics - National Pension Plan
Transportation Air Air Traffic Control Systems
Transportation Air Airports
Transportation Land Highways
Transportation Land Railroads
Transportation Sea Coast Guard

Rogue Advancements

Category Subcategory Advancement
Communications - Propaganda Ministries
Law Enforcement - Secret Police Agencies
Medicine - Secret Medical Experimentation
Transportation - Criminal Transportation Networks

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