Confederate States Of America

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The Confederate States of America (also referred to as the Confederacy, Confederate States, and CSA) is a nation in North America. The CSA was formed by eleven southern states of the United States of America between 1861 and 1865. It's President is Jefferson Davis of Arkansas (no relation to first CSA President of the same name).


The eleven states of the CSA declared their secession from the United States in 1861. The United States of America ("The Union") held that secession was illegal and refused to recognize the Confederacy. War between the two sections continued until after the US Presidential elections of 1864 when US President Abraham Lincoln was replaced by President George McClellan who immediately entered into peace negotations with the CSA.

The peace negotiations resulted in the United States recognizing the independence of the 11 original Confederate States with referendums held in the states of Kentucky and Missouri that resulted in their remaining in the Union by narrow margins. The Confederacy recognized the statehood of West Virginia and US sovereignty over it.


The Confederate States is a constitutional federal republic with considerable power reserved to the individual states resulting in a somewhat weak central government except in time of war when the central government takes on extraordinary powers. Governmental systems are very similar to those in the United States with a few differences.

The institution of slavery still exists in the Confederate States but is now heavily regulated. A constitutional ban on using tax revenue from one state for internal improvements in another is still in force. Senators are not popularly elected as they are now in the United States. Unlike the United States, women have not been granted the right to vote. The practice of dueling has not been outlawed as it has been in the United States.


The society of the CSA is a class-based society progressing from slave to an aristocratic elite. Much emphasis is placed on social status and a strict code of honor and social place is observed. While the old aristocratic families still reside at the top of the social ladder, upward movement through individual achievement and wealth is possible.

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The Confederacy may be more difficult to play than first appearance. It has a generally weak central government generally unable to fund internal improvements adequately. It has a large population of uneducated and untrained non-citizen slaves and a moderately strict caste system. Slavery itself is heavily regulated with certain protections for slaves. It has a long fairly porous border with a fairly unfriendly United States that is difficult to protect, defend, or regulate. The Confederacy is a very conservative society that does not necessarily welcome change. Confederates have a strong behavioral code of honor and can be temperamental or hot-headed as can their politics.

Confederate States of America
Type of Government - Constitutional Federal Republic
Capital - Richmond, VA
Head of State - Jefferson Davis
Religion - Protestant
Language - English
Motto - "Deo Vindice"
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