Cascadia is a nation in North America. Cascadia was formed as a union of the former US states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho as well as the former Canadian province of British Columbia and the Yukon Territory. Alaska was purchased from Russia in 1890



Cascadia is a Republic.


The southern half of Cascadia was populated primarily by former Confederate and American citizens. The former Canadian provinces are populated primarily by former Canadian citizens and immigrants from China and Japan as well as some former US citizens who went farther north. Alaska is sparsely populated by an indigenous population, settlers from Russia and an increasing number of English-speaking Cascadians moving north in search of free land to homestead.

+ Player Notes
Cascadia has a diverse population. The nation is more like the Confederate States in its laid-back agrarian outlook but more like the United States in its social views. Much of Cascadia's population are immigrants who have fled from either war or some sort of oppression and so is not generally war-like or military oriented. Cascadian politics are fairly mild and progressive. Religion and politics are usually not mixed.

Type of Government - Democracy
Capital - Seattle
Head of State - President William S. U'Ren
Religion - Protestant
Language - English
Motto - "Alis volat propriis"
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