Azatlan is a nation in North America.


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The government of Aztlan is a confederation. Aztlan has strong state governments that meet in confederation in the Unity Council at San Diego to make decisions of mutual concern.


The population of Azatlan is a mixture of a multi-generational Hispanic presence, immigrants from Mexico, and the descendants of fortune-seekers from the United States and Confederate States prior to, and after, the War of Southern Independence. The province of Deseret (formerly Utah) is a special administrative region almost exclusively populated by the Mormon religious group and retaining a large amount of sovereignty. Aztlan is a socially conservative nation with the vast majority of its citizens primarily of the Catholic and Mormon religious faiths.

+ Player Notes
Azatlan is a potentially rich nation with several potentially unfriendly neighbors. The central government is relatively weak and the population is definitely not homogenous with possible competing interests. The population is generally conservative and religious. Azatlan should be moderately challenging to govern and players should expect to have to deal with quite a bit of internal and external politics.

Type of Government - Confederation
Capital - San Diego
Head of State - Presidente Mariano Samaniego
Religion - Catholic/Protestant/Traditional
Language - Spanish
Motto - La UniĆ³n Hace La Fuerza
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