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Ashanti is a nation in Africa. Ashanti is an independent representative government, one of the few in Africa, or the world for that matter. It is also one of the few independent black states in Africa.


After the American Civil War abolitionists from the United States turned their attentions to Africa, moving to Liberia and the various areas on the Ivory Coast and promoting democracy and representative government. The former abolitionists raised funds in the US and elsewhere and conducted missions amongst various tribal groups. They served as mediators in tribal disputes and crafted agreements and treaties between the various tribes and set up elections and set up extensive educational projects to teach the populace of the region about the benefits of republicanism and democracy. The proclamation of the founding of Ashanti was the result of their efforts. Ashanti continues to maintain excellent relations with the United States and both Ashanti and Liberia are popular with American donors, who probably feel they are sticking a finger in the eye of their Confederate neighbors in the only way they can.



+ Player Notes
The Ashanti player will probably have to maintain close relations with the United States. Tribal and ethnic problems are a threat to boil to the surface despite the best efforts of the founders. The educational levels have been improved over the last couple of decades and the citizens are some of the best educated native Africans. The ultimate hope of the founders was that Ashanti and Liberia would be the core of native African advancement and spread republicanism and democracy throughout the continent.

Type of Government - Democracy
Capital - Accra
Head of State -
Religion - Various
Language -
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